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Beyond the grave and timing is everything…

Tonight, my cats were being abnormally weird. It was right after I put the kid to bed, close to 11pm, one started chattering and looking at his door, the other started creeping toward the door then backing away like he was being stared down. I started to feel really cold and mildly uncomfortable, not in a bad way, just…weird… almost like I do when I have a panic attack.  I finally got the nerve to stand up and go see what they were after. What I saw had me stop dead. Very clearly on the carpet were the imprints of shoe prints standing by his door. There is NO WAY anyone could have come in or out. Where I was sitting I could see and hear everything that would be able to come or go in the house. Except one thing. Sprits. I am back and forth on my beliefs. Well. Not after tonight. My assumption was it was my father in laws spirit stopping by, maybe to check on mom since she was under the weather, and seeing Hurricane while he was here.  Even though it was late, I saw her light on, so I went to talk to ma about it. She told me to look at the clock. 11:17. So all this went down at around 11:11. Meaning, it was not her husband, but my dad stopping by. This number had been a huge significance for my family, especially my dad. He would call me or text me, always it was coincidentally 11:11 or 1:11. I got news about my court case on 9/11 at 11:11 AM. I got the call about his first stroke at 1:11 PM. It was always like that, still is. I call my mom or she texts me, I randomly think of my dad and look at the clock. So. I am guessing he stopped by. Hurricane has told me he talks to both his grandpas at night in his dreams. I suspect my dad came by to be sure I was not f*cking up the pinewood derby car. Building this car with Hurricane has been bittersweet. My father would have loved this whole process. Showing him how to guide the wood over the saw, helping him learn how to weigh and smooth things just with his hands. Encouraging his patience. Showing him how to turn the wood and cup his hands just so, so the lines smooth out and round, making it more aerodynamic. I am struggling with memories of my father, and happy moments all in one. Was it cats being cats? Or did my dad stop in to say hello? I wish I knew for sure! But I think I know the answer. Thanks dad. I think I got this. ❤ 

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