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I wanted to beat the %&^% out of her BUT…

I saw something tonight that both angered me and broke my heart. I stopped to grab dinner for the family at McD, a rare treat for us. I glanced over at the car next to me and saw an 8 month old infant. Strapped into a high back Graco booster seat. With a lap belt.  My initial instinct was shock. And anger. An INFANT in a HIGH BACK with nothing but a seat belt to hold her in. I was ready to scream. To yell. To have a heart attack.  At the sheer irresponsibility and insanity. I took a deep breath, got out of my car, knocked on their window and asked how old the little sweetie was and if they were aware of the “new” car seat laws requiring a child be in a 5 point restraint  and rear facing until age 2. They were not, and the baby had outgrown her carrier seat. So I did what any mom would do. Called the cops and flipped my shit on their irresponsible asses  I gave them my extra car-seat. You see, I keep a 5 point harness in my car for long trips with Hurricane. Which he was almost too big for finally.   Hurricane does not ride more than 10 miles in a standard booster, and until next week on his 6th birthday I had no intention of moving him to a high back full time before he hit 50 pounds. But something about this woman and that baby touched me. So I gave them the seat Hurricane is just about out of. It won’t expire for another 3 years. And now I know the little one will be safe. I even installed it, as I have taken a certification class on seat installation, to ensure it had the best fit. The one woman of 3 in the car remarked it was a really nice seat and asked me why. I told her the truth.
I couldn’t live with myself knowing
a) a mother would lose her child because a seat was not in the budget if the cops pulled them over.
b) a sweet baby was injured from my inaction and
c) It was part of a movement to pay it forward, and she should be sure to do the same for someone down the line.

Hopefully I helped save a life, shape a life, and pass along a message. Pay it forward. It’s the movement that keeps giving. ❤


A Mom-ment that changed my life…

Paying it forward. We all have heard the expression. Random acts of kindness. Changing the world. Karma. Whatever it may be, it comes back on your ten fold. I have talked a little bit about it with my son, “Hurricane”. I wanted him to understand why we do good for others. It is not only because it gives you a good feeling inside, but when you do good, good things come back to you. I was not sure he really grasped the concept.  But I try to show him acts of kindness and paying things forward as often as I can. It may be as simple as helping a person in line pay for their purchases if they are a little short, giving a larger tip to a server who went above and beyond, paying for breakfast of the next person in line behind me at a drive through.

Hurricane and I had a moment last year where we helped out a homeless man by giving him a pair of shoes and the things needed to make some sandwiches. A few weeks later karma gave back. While at the grocery store, I found out while checking out and after an hour of struggling through the store with an insane cranky hyper 5 year old getting everything on my list, that my husbands direct deposit had not yet cleared.  When my card was declined I was mortified. Half the store had heard the tantrums and insanity joyful sounds of a high energy five year old and his mom,  and I was ready to go.  I had enough cash for some of it, and just was about to pull out the stuff to get us through  the next 2 days, when a gentleman came up from 3 registers away and handed the cashier a $50 bill. Though I appreciated the gesture, I was just going to have to go to the bank and figure out what happened and finish my shopping later in the week. He just smiled, said, “Once his deposit clears, pay it forward” and walked out of the store. Hurricane was quiet when we first got in the van, and asked me “mommy, he said to pay it forward. Is that like what we did for the man with no house? How we got him shoes.”  And I explained, yes it was, and how we helped the man then someone helped us. He asked me if we were going to do something else nice, and I said, yes. Because the more you do to help others, the more that comes back to you nicely. And I kept my word to the man at the grocery store. The day my husbands deposit cleared, I paid for the meals of the next 3 people  behind me at the drive through a few nights later, and bought a few “meals for the hungry” at the grocery store on my next trip.

A few weeks later Hurricane came back from a visit to my moms. She had taken him to the women’s and children’s shelter where a friend of hers was staying as she escaped her own turmoil. When he came home he was in deep thought. I asked him what was wrong, because he seemed a little sad. He said he noticed a lot of the kids there had little to play with. I explained a lot of times the families there had to come in a hurry. He just nodded then ran off to his room to play. I heard some major commotion and went to see what was going on. I found him filling up a big bin that used to have clothes in it with toys. He asked me to please pack up every toy he did not play with, so he could take them to the shelter. We filled FIVE bins of toys that day, and took to our local shelter. Some were things I thought he would never let go of. He told me he wanted to “pay it forward” and give them away.

Enter Christmas. The one thing he asked Santa for was just NOT in the budget for us. Plus he has had one hell of a time adjusting to school.  He asked us for a DS. I was a little disappointed but his birthday is coming and he has time to change his behavior… As I was leaving for work on Christmas Eve, a neighbor stopped me. His grandson is a little boy I call my “weekend kid”, because he spends almost every weekend with us. Thanks to a family member, his original DS had been broken. His grandfather had not been able to find the paperwork on the warranty, so he just bought him a new one. He ended up finding the paperwork last month, and got it the first one repaired, meaning he now had an extra DS. They asked if I wanted to have it for Hurricane. I offered to pay for it, and he said “no, it can be his gift from us for Christmas.” I was in tears. And Hurricane was THRILLED. He said “See mommy! You were right, I gave all those toys away and now I got my DS!”

So…I decided then and there it was time to start a Pay It Forward movement, and EVERY DAY I am doing something to give some good to Karma. I want to know who will join me in my quest. Some people on Facebook are doing it as a Random Acts of Kindness movement. I have decided 2013 should be the year of love and change. I have made it a point to pay it forward every single day since, and I will be posting my daily movements on my facebook page. ( I am hoping to have a slew of “Mom-troversians” join me in my quest. If you pledge to join me, please do so here or on the page. Lets start a change of positivity and move into a future of helping hands. 🙂  And while you are at it, watch the movie Pay It Forward. You won’t be disappointed.

❤ Mom T

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